Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Driving to New Jersey looks like...

Today. It has been a very long today.

I left the house (with Mom, Elsie, & Jedi) at 6am, with 3 hours of sleep and one hamburger patty in my fuel tank.

I drove for 14 hours. With very few stops.

I discovered with absolute glee that today is September 1st— which means Starbucks is selling Pumpkin Spice everything. Add a quad grande ristretto pumpkin spice americano to the fuel tank by 6:15, thank you very much!!

I listened and laughed heartily at witty descriptions of love's mishaps in the form of an audio book entitled
"Damsel in Distress," by P.G. Wodehouse. Listened because it kept me awake. Laughed because the author is a genius, and because sometimes I felt I could relate.

I drew paisley flowers and geometric butterflies in my journal to occupy my hands while the story occupied my mind. Then I passed my journal to the backseat, and Elsie & Jedi took their turn.

I learned that New Jersey is actually a beautiful State... once you get off the main road.

I prayed big things for a friend.

I remembered just how much I love to drive Volkswagens.

I drove home at dusk down a windy country road with the heat on and the windows down, blaring Mozart.

And all day long I remembered my need for God

A good end to a good day, I think.

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Brittany said...

Oh Sarah, this makes me happy. . . very happy. . .

I love you my havent-met-yet-friend!!! :)