Thursday, September 17, 2009

The bead lady

"It is enough. I am grateful," said the Bead Lady. Her sincerity melted my heart. She rested quietly on the green couch in Ngao & Grace's sitting room surrounded by mounds of paper bead necklaces and bracelets and earrings, glistening like bits of shiny rainbows.

Her name is Sophie, but I call her the Bead Lady. She is one of many holy saints that I have met on this trip. I wish I had the time to sit and listen to all of her story.

Sophie is a pastor's wife. Her husband's heart is to reach the Muslim community, and because of his work, his salary is very low. Sophie makes paper bead jewelry to augment their meager income so that her husband can do the work of God. She started out doing jewelry on her own, but now she employs six young Muslim girls to help her. As they roll paper, and coat beads, and string necklaces, she talks with these girls about Jesus Christ and how He loves.

The Bead Lady is a holy saint, like those men and women of old I hear in stories. She is sincere in her gratitude, and clothed with humility. And she is one small reason that I am glad I came to Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

She sounds like a very humble, amazing women. I sorta want to see what her jewelry looks like too. :) I don't think I have ever seen any jewelry that looks like that....if I have I didn't know its name.