Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To-do lists? Really?

Last night I sat down with my to-do list, and realized that the unwritten list was three times longer than my written list. And the unwritten list is the one that's important.


IPS. Portrait edits. Wedding edits. Kenya pictures organized. Kenya pictures compiled for slideshow. E-mails answered. Website design started. Logo design brainstorm. Photography class schedule. Photography class content. Tutoring sessions planned. Italy in the works. Business counseling session. Portrait sessions scheduled. Clients contacted. Thailand project. New business cards. Plane tickets. Art show prints printed. Marketing ideas, via Twitter & Facebook.

Oh, help. I need it.

Sometimes I wonder if my to-do list is more distracting than it is good. If, perhaps, in my quest for productivity and excellence, I end up reducing my ability to influence. If I truly want to love God and love people, does a to-do list help or hinder?

Hmmm. Add "p0ndering to-do lists" to my to-do list.

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|| davidjay || said...

Love the way you think about this stuff! Keep rocking!