Thursday, September 24, 2009

Journal Entry | Resting

My youngest brother, Jedi, is on the phone with his new best friend, whose name he can't remember. My sister Amie is a nanny for Wesley's family (the boy on the other end of the phone), which is how the two boys met. At the moment, they are trying to play long-distance tic-tac-toe, but seven-year-old male communication can't conquer space. Yet. They finish their conversation, and Jedi skips outside.

I love living at home.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table sipping on a cup of English Breakfast tea. Beef is in the crock pot, rice is on the stove, and corn is almost finished. Jedi pops his head in the back door— "Oh my gosh, it smells like the best thing ever." And back out he goes again. I wonder why he came in...

I'm relearning rest. Again.

I've spent the past two days processing. Analyzing myself, praying through weaknesses, getting counsel from friends. I realized that I'm on the verge of burnout... but in a different way than before. Mental and emotional burnout is different than physical burnout. Harder to identify, harder to deal with, harder to heal from. So I'm relearning rest, and building rest into my life— now— so that I don't burn out later. Like, next week. Or tomorrow.

Here are some ideas. I'm already working on more. What helps you to rest? Do you have any more suggestions for me?


Anonymous said...

hehe, great post!

BobbyO said...

I like to sit somewhere public, Starbucks works well, and just watch people. Not necessarily thinking about them, but thinking, nonetheless. You'll be amazed by the things that just pop in and pop out.

Oh, and coffee NECESSITATES rest. People who are busy shouldn't drink coffee. It's appreciated differently, but not appropriately.