Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a letter

I like to write. I journal, I blog, I write thank you notes (sometimes), and just recently, I started writing letters. Actually, they're more like small books. Or miniature journals. I make them out of whatever paper-like materials I have at hand (paper bags, scrap paper, etc.), bind them together with glue, yarn, and ribbon, and write in them for several days in succession until all of the pages are filled.

This is my most recent letter, and it belongs to an amazing person named Laura. Laura is an artist and a writer and a world changer. She is one who sees, with her eyes and with her soul.

I like Laura. I like this letter. I'm glad I get to send it to her.

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Moments of Reprieve said...

Laura Clawson likes this.
*Thumbs Up*