Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been One Week since...

Taylor playing with the kids on break

Carol teaching "Good News"

Porridge, the kids' breakfast

Typical classrom at the school

Kids in "Good News," the Bible Class

It's been... one week. One week full of beautiful black eyes. One week of gorgeous weather. One week knowing full well that I am where I am meant to be. One week of smiles, and joy in the joy of others. It has been a good, good week.

We left for Kenya a week ago. It absolutely does not feel like it's been that long! Granted, two days were spent in travel, so we didn't actually arrive to Mombassa until late Thursday night... but that still leaves five days that don't feel like any time at all. Next time I open my eyes, I will be home. So I won't close them.

We're staying at a beautiful hotel about twenty minutes from the school. I say "hotel," but I really mean a resort. We have a 2-bedroom, 2-story apartment that has a full kitchen and living area, in a Christian-owned resort that is right on the Indian Ocean. And I really mean, right on the beach. We had absolutely no idea that it would be this amazing. At first it was difficult to stay here, because we wanted to be closer to the school. But we've already had the boarding students/orphans over twice to swim and play, and they have never seen anything like this before. I'm so grateful that it's a blessing to them!

Mikindani Royal Kids Academy is run by Ngao and Grace Mazira and their family. They currently have 364 students enrolled. 150 of these children are unable to pay any tuition, so they attend for free. Of this number, 37 have lost either one or both parents, or are their families are too impoverished to keep them, so they board at the school, as well.

Ngao & Grace served with YWAM for 18 years before starting this school, and their heart behind everything is to both educate and disciple these children, to raise up future leaders in Church, government, and community. They sacrificially give of themselves time and time again for the sake of the students, and they totally depend on the Lord to supply their needs. Talking with Ngao & Grace is like talking with George Mueller or Amy Carmichael. These are heroes of the faith, great modern-day saints whose love for God spills over into genuine love for people. I am honored to know them.

They started this school by holding worship in the living room of their house every day at 4pm. As more children came, they began teaching them to read using the Bible. After praying about it, they decided to open a Preschool, so they began adding onto their house. They have added two levels above their house, and they are working on a third. They structure can support one more on top, but even that is not sufficient for the number of students the school holds.

As often occurs, the number of children exceeded the available space, and the available financial resources. And then in 2007, the civil unrest brought inflation, and orphaned some of the children, causing the need/available resources ratio to grow even more out of proportion. And yet they have survived, and no child has gone hungry. Just a few months ago their well ran dry, so they have to go out every day in search of water and haul in enough to supply the entire school.

Faith and stewardship? They live out this balance on a daily basis.


Leah said...

This makes my heart happy.

justagirl4god said...

Wow! That's awesome that you have such a great opportunity just to love on these kids and shine for God. :) Hope you are having fun!
Rachael (justagirl4god)

Empowered Individualist said...

My word Sarah. I feel as though I am there with you. What an extraordinary mission you are a part of. Praying for you daily...

Mike said...

My heart is overflowing with gratefulness to God for you and the giftedness He has blessed you with. You communicate life, spirit-filled life, in your pictures. I love you.

Lady Jeanne said...

(Sarah, just a stranger here who found your blog through ylcf.) I am not a chronic commenter, but after visiting here a few times I felt I should. Just want you to know how encouraging it is to see the fruit of your desires and dreams surrendered to God. I guess I say "fruit", because a lot of what you've said about your personal dreams and purpose echoes things in my own heart, and to see the way they are coming to fruition in your life bolsters my own hope and excitement. God's grace abound to you during your stay in Africa and beyond! Thank you for sharing!