Monday, January 12, 2009

The20 Project |: REST


The20 Project |: REST
In conjunction with Revolutionary Media.
Contributing artists:
Kaylynn Marie Clark
Elijah Turrell
Susie Yoder
Christina Dickson
Julianne Peters
Rach Fikile
John McPherson
Sarah Danaher
Writer: Sarah Danaher
Artistic Director: Aaron Dodson
Project Manager: Christina Dickson


Jessica Shae said...

O my word, this is amazing Sarah. It is so well done and well thought out. What was it for?
Will it be a book, or what? If it is ever in printed format, I would love a copy :)

I love keeping up with your blog and all your pics and design work are awesome, I wanna be just like you when I grow up!


Gerardo Guerra R said...

Heeeeeeeeeeey, I just got here somehow, beautiful pictures and message, great design!
I saw Jenna in couple of them, hehee, hope you're doing good!