Thursday, August 14, 2008

The "beach" that was actually the bay.

My sister turned 18 yesterday. To celebrate, we went to the beach with Hannah, Hannah, and Sara.

It was an early morning.

3-hour drive.
Sara Groves, Caedmon's Call, BarlowGirl, Sons of Korah, and very cool African groove.
Fort Story- our planned destination, which turned into an Army checkpoint, a couple of bumps in the road, two lighthouses viewed from our car window, and a quick turn around.
The "beach" where we ate lunch that turned out to be the bay.
Swimming in the ocean.
Jumping from crabs.
Tackling each other on the beach.
Glamor shots.
Dancing to shake off the sand.
Sneaking into a hotel bathroom to change for the ride home.
Getting stuck in a 7-mile back-up on I-64.
Rocking it out to "The Little Mermaid," "Lion King," and "Mulan."
Espresso-bar-hopping after dinner.
Running through the mall to get to Starbucks before they closed.
Crashing at our house.
A very late night.

It was a good day.

Hannah, the natural model.

Hannah who loves life.

An attempt at a self-portrait.

The birthday girl herself. She asked. So we buried her.

Sara. Gorgeous.

Amie, modeling her new sarong.

In search of espresso.

We found it.


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AmberDenae said...

You take incredible pictures!