Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yeah, so we're a coffee-loving family, Part II

With such an abundance of coffee at our house, we find creative ways to dispose of the used grounds. Some make it to the compost bins (yes... let's caffeinate our tomatoes). Some just go straight to the garbage (that would be me... sometimes I just don't feel like dumping them outside). But often, we put our used grounds on our azalea and hydrangea bushes as fertilizer. Who knew that coffee grounds would make such happy plants?

Well, apparently it makes for a happy dog, too.

The other day my sister noticed Enya, our yellow lab, spending a lot of extra time nosing around in the bushes. As she kept watching, she noticed Enya chewing on something. Upon closer examination, she realized that Enya wasn't chewing on a ball or a stick or a deer bone, but was, in fact, eating the used and discarded coffee grounds.

Good grief. Even my dog loves coffee.


Anonymous said...

Haha, thats too funny! Sounds like something my dog would get into. Amazing picture.

Many blessings,

Johan said...

Poor dog. :-)

Donna said...

I wonder if she felts EXTRA energetic! :)