Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Audriana | Senior Portraits

Audri is a really cool high school senior. We met in a coffee shop, and chatted about the things that we love, the things we fear, and the things we dream about. She's smart, down-to-earth, and loves to have fun. And I had a blast doing her portraits.

Audri's smile is sweet and honest. And she smiles a lot with her eyes— something that I love about her.

Audri is my friend Jeremy's goddaughter, so he came along to second shoot for me... and captured some incredible images in the process. This is one of them.

Jeremy's shot.

Another one of Jeremy's.

Check out those eyes!

Audri is studying nursing... and she loves it. I have so much respect for people in the medical field, because my brain can't function on their level. She's pretty amazing.

Another one by Jeremy.

Audri brought her sister and her boyfriend along for the shoot, which was GREAT fun.

I love the laughter!!

Aren't they adorable??!?!

Sarah's favorite!!!

Another one by Jeremy.

So, so cute!

Jeremy's shot.

Audri's pretty crazy about her red Grand Am. I loved the pictures with it!

Jeremy's picture

Another by Jeremy.

Again, would you check out those eyes!!??!!

This is Audri's sister, Gabriella.
And this is how I entertained myself while waiting for Audri to change clothes.
If there are people present, I take pictures of them.

So cute!

Jeremy, hard at work.

Entertaining myself again, during another clothing change.

Aaaannnd a couple of shots that Jeremy took of me.

My current favorite shoes. =)

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