Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My brother will be famous someday


Okay. I don't usually brag on my family (even if they are the most fun, hilarious, entertaining, God-centered family that I know). But when big things happen here, I think it's worth sharing with the world.

My 16-year-old brother Taylor is tall. Very tall. 6'9', to be precise, with a 7'1" wingspan and a size 20 shoe. He's in his first year of AAU league basketball, and he's absolutely stunning his coach. He was just featured in Roundball Recruiting's "Names To Know in 2010 and Beyond", and my entire family (all eleven of us) have big stupid grins plastered on our faces. Even Tay, the quiet, unassuming, laid-back guy in the family, cracked a grin when he heard about the article.

Yeah, we're pretty excited.





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Beth Nell said...

Wow!!!!! 6'9?!?!?! That is crazy! I thought my cousin Taylor (ha, funny, same name) was tall and he s 6'4. That's really awesome though!