Monday, March 09, 2009

The concept of time, and becomeing fully alive

Last week I opened my journal entry with "January 29, 2009." It was, in fact, March 1, not January 29. This is what I refer to as a "brain cloud moment" – a strange and random mental time lapse that results in strange and random confusions. However, this "brain cloud moment" spurred a great deal of thought on the matter and measure of time.

What is time? What is age? What is the measure of time? How do I define it, and how do I define myself when measured against it? Today is the ninth day of the third month... of what year? When does life begin?

Does life begin at the point of conception? Does it begin at the point of birth? Or does it begins at some other defining moment throughout this strange expanse of time that is commonly referred to as "life?"

Perhaps my life began at age 4 when I asked Christ to be my Savior in the back of a minivan.

Perhaps it began at age 9 when God gave me my first rhema in Genesis 12:1-3 and called me to a lifetime of ministry.

Perhaps it began at 12 when I fully surrendered my life to God and began to pursue Him without reservation.

Perhaps it began at 14 when God showed me His face for the first time.

Perhaps it began at 16 when I fully gained a clear conscious for the first time in my life, and I committed to walking uprightly before God and man.

Perhaps it began at 18 when God busted me out of depression by telling me the truth of His unconditional love for me through learning sound doctrine.

Perhaps it began at 22 when I told God that I would joyfully accept any and every thing, person, and circumstance that He brought into my life, and determined to love His plan for me as the best and most satisfying, because it will bring Him the most glory.

Perhaps it began 2 months ago when God finally gave defined purpose to my photography.

Perhaps it began 3 weeks ago when He changed His face from Father to Lover.

Perhaps it began yesterday.

Perhaps it's beginning now.

The glory of God is a man fully alive, and the life of man consists of beholding God.
– St. Irenaeus

Perhaps all of these "life beginning" moments are what it means to become fully alive.


AmberDenae said...

I loved this post. You're so inspiring and God most definitely speaks through your writing and photography. Thank you for being a willing vessel that the Holy Spirit can flow through and for doing just that through this amazing blog.

Ruth Ann said...

thank you Sarah for sharing these thoughts. I really appreciated them. Whenever you write, you always write with strong conviction, and I love that about you. Maybe we'll get to meet one day. [grin] Blessings!