Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thoughts on Psalm 23

You make me lie down in green pastures. You remove my strength, limit my endurance, or in some other way actively call me to spend times in rest and recuperation. You break me so that You can bind me. You wound me and heal me again.

You then gently lead me beside still waters, allowing me to drink deep from the fountain of healing-
the fountain of your delights.

You restore my soul- my emotions, which have long been abused and misused by myself and others in a search for fulfillment; my will, which has been wrongly strengthened in evil and wrongly broken in areas of good and growth; and my mind, which is daily polluted and inundated with perverse "truths" and worldviews contrary to Your Word.

"You restore my soul" is a promise from You and an act of faith in me.

It is truth, and it is beautiful.

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