Thursday, April 16, 2009

Song of the day

The Well Song | Chelsey Scott

Walk through the grass my dear one
Let the dew drip down your feet
Let the weeds twist and tie themselves
'Round your precious toes.
Let the clean, crisp night air flow
Right in to your lungs.
And into every limb let the bright, sharp night stars
sing you to sleep once again.

This well that I have dug
May be deep, my love.
No water does it hold
To quench your thirsty soul
This cistern in the ground
It's walls are dry, brittle, and brown.
Oh, and dirt has found a way down to the bottom of it's dusty floor
So don't ask me to quench your thirst anymore.
Don't ask me to give anymore.

Well I've walked and walked a thousand lengths
Watched my precious strength go weak
Oh, Lord, I can't walk a single mile more.
So I sat and sat in lazy pain,
Let the plea go straight to my brain
Oh, Lord, I can't sit here a single moment more.

'Cause this well that I have dug
Completely empty of love
No water does it hold
to quench my thirst and soul
'Cause your cisterns in the ground
Oh, what a beautiful sound
they just flow and flow
How they meet my thirsty soul
Oh, Lord, why give this strength to fools
No, I don't thirst anymore.

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