Thursday, February 15, 2007

Advanced EXCEL | Living a Legacy

In a day and age when individuals are enticed with normality, pursued with mediocrity, and bombarded with the overwhelming pressure to give up and give in to the call of the world... Advanced EXCEL stands in stark contrast to this situation, calling instead to the young lady of virtue with a passion to pursue Christ alone and change her world. These individuals are equipped to live out their God-ordained life purpose and live a legacy!

Advanced EXCEL involves five weeks of intense training conducted at the Dallas Training Center, a home practicum period with various projects to complete, and concludes with several days of final training and graduation in Dallas.

Course Topics:
Spiritual Disciplines
Public Speaking
Life Purpose
Interior Design
Creative Clothing Alterations
Home Management
Leadership Training
Community and Political Involvement
Medical Research
Home Business and Ministry
And much more!

Jennifer Smith, Gina Novotny, Sarah Danaher AE 15 Leadership Team
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